Goldberg Capital MIC INC.    
Goldberg Capital MIC Inc (GCAPMIC) was founded in 2007 by the Goldberg Group of Companies. The company was formed to provide those not usually capable of investing in private residential and commercial mortgages a chance to do just that. We seek to deliver attractive dividend income and steady growth for our shareholders.

GCAPMIC invests a minimum of 50% of its capital in residential first and second mortgages and the balance of its capital in commercial mortgages. Providing a diverse, yet secure and stable investment opportunity for its investors. “We integrate several business streams to generate income that offset each other during various interest rate cycles, thereby functioning together to bring more consistent earnings”.

The Goldberg management team and appointed underwriters have extensive professional experience in real estate and financial disciplines. Our roots are in the real estate business, including residential and commercial mortgage lending, mortgage brokerage, property valuation and marketing, construction and project management.

All mortgages granted via GCAPMIC are secured by Real estate located in Ontario, which is a familiar market to the Goldberg management team, thus reducing the risks associated with investing in unknown markets.

First and Foremost.