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Mortgage investments are secured by real estate. With their easy maintenance and compound interest features, they are quality investments. Anyone who owns a home appreciates the value of real estate. Mortgage investments are solid tangible investments in land, in houses - in bricks and mortar.

Goldberg Capital MIC (GCAPMIC) is a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC). Under Section 130 of the Income Tax Act, GCAPMIC does not pay tax, which results in superior returns to investors. It distributes 100% of net income to investors.

Investing in mortgages is a wise way to simplify your financial planning and enjoy worry-free regular income. To achieve growth and take advantage of compound interest, simply reinvest your dividends. Mortgage fund investors know how true that is.

For the tax-wise investor who wants security, income, growth, stability, liquidity and peace of mind in a CANADIAN setting, a Registered Plan investment in Goldberg Capital MIC is ideal. It offers above-average returns with good security.

GCAPMIC is not a stock or mutual fund. It is a simple real estate-based investment. Investors place cash or Registered funds in GCAPMIC where it is invested in quality CANADIAN mortgages. These mortgages generate the cash that produces above-average INCOME and GROWTH for our investors.

GCAPMIC qualifies for Registered Plans such as the TFSA, RRSP, RESP, RRIF, Spousal RRSP, etc.

Historical figures show MIC investments outperform term deposits, bonds and GICs by over 3% for the past 10+ years. Goldberg Capital MIC is about security, regular income and steady growth. Investors can receive dividends on a quarterly basis or annually. Or better yet, keep it growing by re-investing.

We invite you to join our growing family of investors and we encourage you to call or meet with us to learn more about the investment. Our honest dealing and prompt friendly service is paramount.


Right now we are offering investors a 10% annual return on their money. A good candidate to invest in a mortgage is someone who is looking to maximize their returns without subjecting their money to unnecessary volatility and uncertainty.

Disclaimer: This is not an offering to invest, which may only be done via offering memorandum or prospectus. Further, this opportunity is limited to Canadian residents by law and is not valid in any other jurisdiction and is void where prohibited by law.
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