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Brokers / Agents
Much of Goldberg Capital MIC’s mortgage business comes from brokers.

GCAPMIC is a prominent Canadian Home Equity lender. We are proud to provide exceptional service to the broker community

We specialize in providing Real Estate loans in the non-conventional market. Since inception, GCAPMIC has provided loans to Borrowers who do not meet the guidelines as set forth by traditional mortgage lenders such as banks or trust companies. Our product line consists of mortgages that are approved on an equity position. Borrowers who have sufficient equity in their properties, regardless of credit challenges or income have the ability to leverage the equity to obtain the finance.

Mortgage brokers choose GCAPMIC because we are direct lenders with many years of experience which allows us to make decisions quickly. We are a popular choice for mortgage brokers because we respect the broker-client relationship, and we understand that time is money.

Faster Closures: Our professional relationship with appraisers and lawyers enable us to close your deals as quickly as possible and they are always available to update you on the status of your files.

Guaranteed Approvals: Borrowers with sufficient equity in their homes are automatically approved, regardless of their credit history or ability to prove income.

Ready Financing: Our capital resources are large enough to ensure that there’s no scrambling for funds. The money to cover loans is always available.
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